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20 Irish Phrases in 13 Minutes

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20 Irish Phrases in 13 Minutes

20 Irish Phrases in 13 Minutes

An féidir 20 abairt Gaeilge a fhoghlaim i dtrí bhomaite dhéag? Is it really possible to Learn 20 Irish Phrases in 13 Minutes?

Bhí cuimhne ag Dominic O’Brien ar 54 páca cártaí i ndiaidh dó amharc orthu aon uair amháin. Eight times World Memory Champion Dominic O’Brien memorised the order of 54 shuffled packs of cards after having looked at them just once, which gained him a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

Admhaíonn an Brianach nár éirigh go maith leis agus é ar scoil agus gur mar gheall ar chóras dá chuid féin atá cuimhne iontach aige anois, córas a úsáideann cuid de na teicnící a fhoghlaimeoidh tú sa leabhar beag seo. O’Brien admits himself that he was a very poor student at school, as well as being dyslexic. The excellent memory he possesses now is a result of a system which uses some of the same techniques you will learn right here in 20 Irish Phrases in 13 Minutes.

This short course on Amazon Kindle will give you a few basic Irish phrases in just 13 minutes, if you apply yourself. That’s about 39 seconds per phrase. Afterwards, revise each phrase and scenario a few times and you should have it!

 Seo cuid de na moltaí ó lucht léite an leabhar. Here are a few reader reviews:

“Haven’t done Irish since school but this made it very easy to remember the key words and phrases. Really enjoyed starting to learn again.”

“Written in a very avuncular way, it’s very enjoyable and you might just learn something too! You should try it”

“Clever stuff. A genuinely innovative and simple idea to ease your way into learning or relearning a bit of Irish.”

“Cathal Ó Manacháin is one of the true masters of the Irish language in our time, having extensive practical and academic credentials. In this work, he has taken a non-conventional approach which bears consideration. What he achieves is no mean task – bringing a student to the point of commanding 20 useful conversational templates, with a very modest investment of time.”

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